Austin NeoGraft for Women

An estimated 21 million women in the United States are currently dealing with hair loss. The compassionate Austin women’s hair restoration surgeons offer a number of options for hair replacement for women, and would be happy to meet with you for an initial consultation to better understand your needs and help you determine which option will best help you reach your aesthetic goals.

For more information about hair replacement for women in Austin, Texas, please contact Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre or call 512-371-8817 today to schedule your consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons.

Why NeoGraft?

NeoGraft is a state-of-the-art hair restoration procedure that can help women facing hair loss regain a full, natural head of hair. The NeoGraft process does not require scalpel incisions and will not leave a linear scar on the back of the head. In addition, many women experience no discomfort at all during the procedure and are able to return to work and other activities the day following surgery.

Women generally experience diffuse thinning at the top of the head due to factors such as aging, genetics, and hormone changes. However, hairs on the back of the head are typically immune to thinning, which helps make women ideal candidates for NeoGraft. NeoGraft takes hair from the back of the head for placement in thinning spots and can produce long-lasting results after just one treatment.

Our doctors may recommend combining NeoGraft with nonsurgical options to help produce healthier roots and thicker hair. What is best in your situation will be determined during your hair replacement consultation with one of our experienced plastic surgeons.

To schedule your women’s hair replacement consultation with one of our experienced Austin, Texas NeoGraft surgeons, please contact us today. Dr. Dustin Reid and Dr. Ashley Gordon are proud to help women in and around Austin, Texas restore natural beauty through personalized and targeted hair replacement treatments.